We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. If you feel you and your family are in constant turmoil, or if you’re always worried about a family member, you have many options:

  1. Reach out to friends and family for ideas or support.

  2. Join community education or support groups.

  3. Consult educational material at your local library.

  4. Talk to your teachers, clergy, doctor, or public health nurse.

  5. Contact government agencies where you can often get free professional counseling advice.

  6. For serious problems such as drug use, suicide threats or breaking the law, concerned family members can contact the child welfare agency, the local social services department or the police force in your community.

We at Aging with Flair, LLC stand ready to help you in your hour of need to meet the challenges associated with child development, adolescence, disability, and eldercare. Our trained and experienced case managers, educators, counsellors, and therapists have been successful in overcoming many problems relating to growing up and aging.

When all other options fail, we are ready to provide as much or as little help as needed. We can put you in touch with appropriate government agencies where you can find help yourself or assist you with navigating the bureaucracy by being your advocate. Our services are often free under various government programs, or if you do not quality, we offer affordable private pay alternatives.

Please contact us today! Your first step to a better life begins today!

Where do I turn for help?



Center for Disease Control and Prevention

South Carolina First Steps

South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

Family Connection

Pro Parents

SC Access for Aging and Disability

SC Healthy Connections/Medicaid


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