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When you are pushed to do the one thing you have always feared it is an amazing opportunity for education and  growth

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child."
— Forest Whitcraft

Does your child have:

  1. delays in growth and development or challenges posed by a condition, injury, the environment or prematurity?

  2. a learning deficit or an inability to play, talk, care for themselves, participate in daycare/school, after-school and family activities at an age-appropriate level?

  3. the skills to begin school at a level competitive with their peers?

Would your child benefit from:

  1. private and confidential developmental assessments?

  2. identification of appropriate educational, community, and medical resources to support their early education?

  3. caregiver training by specialists?

  4. individualized early childhood educational instruction and assistance with school transition?

About Early Intervention Services

Early Interventionists (EI) at Aging with Flair work with families to design, implement, or modify an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or  Family Service Plan (FSP), educational blueprints reflecting the desires of the family and recommendations of other professionals such as physicians and therapists to see your child successfully transition to school.

Where are services provided?

Your EI can meet you at home, at a daycare, or any other natural environment setting. We can also assist with finding Spanish language interpreters.

To make a referral, please follow this link.

Early Intervention Services

Case Management

Your EI works in partnership with your family to ensure that you have access to a full array of supportive and effective educational, community, medical, and social services and as your agent monitors the provision of those services.

Special Instruction Family Training

Family training addresses cognitive, social-emotional, and self-help skill delays, as well as fine motor, gross motor, and communication skills with the goal of raising your child’s performance in these areas to an age-appropriate level. Typically, your EI will make weekly special instruction visits to work with your child and family.

Natural Environment Therapy Service

Aging with Flair can also provide professionally licensed therapy services in the child’s natural environment. Private medical insurance, Medicaid, and BabyNet may cover these services.

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Early Intervention services are available free of charge for children qualifying under the BabyNet program. Other options include Medicaid Targeted Case Management (MTCM) if you are ineligible for BabyNet or are waiting for BabyNet applications to be processed. Private pay choices are also available  if your child does not qualify for these state-funded services.

Early Intervention Services

Private Intervention Services

Did your family member not qualify for government services or are you on a waiting list? Do you feel confused and alone with your concerns?

Do you wonder if your family member has:

  1. delays in growth and  development or challenges posed by a condition, injury, the environment or prematurity?

  2. age-appropriate abilities to achieve, learn, play, talk, care for themselves, participate in daycare/school, after-school, recreational, sporting, and family activities?

Would you and your family benefit from:

  1. supportive services to strengthen your confidence and competence with your family member and build self-esteem?

  2. assistance with locating appropriate educational, social, recreational, respite, medical, and other community resources?

  3. instructional activities in natural environment settings (e.g. home, playground, daycare, school, sports, or work)?

Our Interventionists are at your service!

Interventionists bring their passion for teaching to those who DO NOT qualify for free government services.  As educators, they can provide caregiver support, assessments to determine developmental age and abilities, and instruction to increase your confidence as a care-giver.

Where are services provided?

Your Interventionist can work with you at home, at a daycare, school, community center, or any other natural environment setting. Tele- and video- consultation, as well as individual and group sessions are also available.

What services are provided?

  1. Individualized Learning Plan Design
    We will work with you to design, implement, and if necessary modify your Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), a blueprint reflecting the needed goals and resources One-on-one, group-, and community-based instruction plans are available to strengthen existing knowledge, promote and teach new skills, and ignite the imagination.

  1. Service Planning
    We will help you interpret screens and assessments and then together identify appropriate community educational and professional resources.

  1. Coaching and Professional Training
    We respect you as a caregiver. We will work with you to enhance your ability as a caregiver by demonstrating methods to integrate creative instruction with reading and writing, interactive activities, sports, and play.
    Professional training is also available to institutions or agencies that wish to enhance their staff’s ability to deliver educational services to special needs children and adults. Call us for details.

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Intervention services are available privately and through economical group plans that recognize community partnerships. Please inquire where Intervention services are available. Aging with Flair also offers Early Interventional Services through SC DDSN and Rehabilitative Therapies (Speech and Occupational Therapies). We can also assist with finding Spanish language interpreters.

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